What a difference a year makes!

So I realised we last posted in March! March! how has it been that long. We intended to blog frequently and tell you all that was happening in the world of Avocados, as we went along... that was harder than I thought it would be for sure.

So much as changed, so much has happened and we have so much to tell you.. How we have achieved funding, growing our committee and networking to spread the word about what we are doing and what we want to do and learning how to run a non profit organisation.

We are so excited to share it all with you and will do so over this coming week, along with celebrating National Care Leavers Week.

For me (Rachael) celebrating what Avocados has achieved and National Care Leavers Week, goes hand in hand as our own co-founder Katie is a Care Leaver and being an organisation that is run by care leavers and people with care experiences (in our committee and on our board of directors), we want to celebrate and empower people with care experience every day, as well as in October!

We cant wait to share our updates with you.

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