Newly incorporated as a Community Interest Company, we are just starting out but starting out with so much experience and knowledge. Between us, as directors, we have 38 years of personal and/or professional experience of the local social care systems and Local Authorities and are passionate to use our knowledge and experiences to make lives, outcomes and services better for anyone who has experiences as a looked after child.  We know that there is so much misunderstanding about this community of young people, so many skills under utilised and if we, as a county, get the support right, we would increase the positive outcomes for more people with care experience and in the process improve the life chances and reduce negative impact on services like - mental health services, benefits systems, hospitals and prisons/youth offending and increase connections, education and employment opportunity. 

We want to make Avocados a place that celebrates success, builds meaningful and long lasting positive relationships, supports employability and empowers and champions people to know their rights and responsibilities as they transition into adulthood but most importantly we want people to know they matter and are not just a number on a computer system. We want to give employment opportunities and experience within Avocados and a sense of ownership over the service which is set up with and for them into a community of commonality. Building confidence, self esteem and self worth and showing that everyone can achieve, everyone has something to give and everyone has worth. 


Please have a look at our website and get in touch. 

Katie and Rachael